So you want to join a gym?

March 18, 2017

So you want to join a gym?

After having a baby (or two or three) making the decision to go back or to or start at the gym can be well.....Dam right scary.

Your body has spent 9 months housing your child and further more nurturing your now little baby.
You have been stretched, pulled and on occasion tugged.

You look in the mirror and still see you but you may want to make a few lifestyle changes, gain more energy, become healthier, help aid mental stress and tension.

So you make the choice to join a gym.
Choosing the right gym is pivotal to your success and achieving your intended goals.
I recently have just taken this journey myself and am going to share a few tips and what to look for.

1. Visit a few not just one or the most popular.
2. Visit both a mixed and a woman's gym.
3. Generally a woman's gym will cater more to females with facility's and overall (feel)
4. Don't make a booking just rock up - take a tour - let them sell you their gym. You are choosing them not the other way around so ask lots of questions. I really feel if a gym is genuine and supportive they will really try to understand what you want to achieve. They will take the time to answer your questions and have a ability to show support and empathy.
5. Don't be afraid to say you are scared and what you are scared of - this can help a gym to walk you through some of your objections and give you security in knowing it's a good fit.
6. Check out all of the facility's and classes and if they have what you want - there's no point going a gym to do yoga if they only cater for weights and cardio equipment.
7. Look at what other people are up to - now I mean really look not just at the super fit woman in coordinating gear looking like a sports illustrated model. Look at how they feel - do the look comfortable? It's so easy to look at something and get intimidated but guess what? You made a choice. You got dressed, you got in the car and you walked in those doors that takes courage and everyone's been there. Choose to focus on your goals, your path and where you want to be and feel.
8. Make sure you get a full assessment - you really need to know where you are at so in 3 months you can really measure your success.
9. Chill out - it's not the 1st day of school (you got this girl)
10. If it doesn't feel right make a bee line for the exit and try the next gym until it feels right for you.
11. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for being brave and giving it a go.

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