Meet Renee - Creator of Heart from Hazel & What Hazel said.

November 21, 2016

Meet Renee - Creator of Heart from Hazel & What Hazel said.

I am beyond excited to share with you one of my favourite Bloggers / Artists Renee from What Hazel said and Heart from Hazel

Yes that’s right she’s a 2 in one …. Many a night has been spent in hysterics laughing at the blog of What Hazel Said and at some times nodding my head with the (Sing it sister Praise) to a shared personal journey.

This girl has it going on – Not only is she a successful blogger Renee also has a amazing way with New Zealand wool with her range of truly beautiful quality artisan wool blankets her brand being Heart from Hazel

Renee’s range consists of Extreme Knitted pieces (If you are not familiar with extreme knitting you must Google it)

On top of Renee’s very successful Store She also has a highly addictive Blog at What Hazel Said.

Renee describes on her  blog,

– Hazel is a sister, a daughter, a grand daughter, a friend, an aunty, a partner in crime and a human.  

Hazel is just like you, she just swears more.

I fell in love with the honesty of the blog and Her ability to put a comedic spin on life’s ups and downs.

Tell us a bit about you Where it is you are from and what influences your blog

First of all, thanks so much for your kind words Cara – those are lovely things to say.

I am from small town New Zealand, from a little place called Cambridge, that most of my generation couldn’t wait to get away from, but has recently become a “cool” place to live.

I spent four years on the Gold Coast and my mum is a true blue Aussie, so I call both sides of the Tasman home.My internal monologue influences my blog.

It’s just a stream of consciousness that could from time to time be more filtered… 

What has surprised you most about the response to your blog page?

How offensive some people find it.

Haha. I can only read it how I know I’ve written it, but for some, the context, background and tone is easily misinterpreted and seen as offensive.

Sadly, people are more inclined to tell you how shit your blog is than to get in touch and say that they love your work.

It does happen though, and it’s usually a long time later – someone will message and say “I read this ages ago, it really helped me – thank you”.

What do you wish other people knew about you?

Despite the honesty in my blog, there are a lot of things that I don’t write about.

I think that people would be surprised by how sensitive I am – too sensitive if you ask my parents!

What would you tell someone who is thinking about creating a blog what would be your advice?

Don’t take any advice.

Haha. Especially not from someone like me, who does not even almost have their shit together.

When I first started blogging, I received some (unsolicited) advice from a friend of a friend who said that I needed to consider my target audience and pay attention to my tense and narrative (I often talk present, past and future, and in first and third person all in one paragraph).

My writing isn’t going to win me a Pulitzer prize – and that’s not my end goal. I started blogging when I spent three months travelling along overseas (, people enjoyed it, and so I picked it up again.

What’s the story behind Heart from Hazel? I stumbled across you gorgeous Knit blankets before I found your blog and there is something about those chunky knits they are so beautiful and the colour pallets are divine.

Heart from Hazel started as Hazel’s House – an online clothing store.

The clothing store was an epic fail and cost me a large deposit on a house, and I have issues letting go, so I tried a few things – concrete, candles and crochet.

Once I started to develop the crochet side of the business, I re-branded as Heart from Hazel, and turned Hazel’s House into What Hazel Said – the blog.

How did your business evolve and all come about

I love crochet, but I don’t have the attention span for “normal” sized projects. I found the super chunky knits on Pinterest, and at that time, there was nothing like that in New Zealand.

It took months (and months), but I finally found a wool supplier I was happy with, my dad custom made me a hook (you can’t buy anything big enough), and re-launched the online store, chock-a-block with delicious Couch Candy.

Since then I’ve got into woven wall hangings, and I stock looms and yarn for crafters to make their own – it’s very therapeutic. 

What’s next for Heart from Hazel the store

I’m in the process of putting together some DIY instructions so that people can arm knit their own Couch Candy.

I’m hoping to convince my dad to make some hooks so that crochet addicts can crochet their own Couch Candy.

Also, because I love a challenge, I’m in the process of launching my own content creation and small business advisory venture – Running In Heels Consulting.

I’ve been unofficially writing content and offering start-up advice to friends for years, and working from home means I’m still available for lamb and calf feeding duty!


You can find more information at the following

Instagram  @whathazelsaid

Instagram @heartfromhazel

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