Meet Liz from Sal Remedia

October 29, 2016

Meet Liz from Sal Remedia

Meet Liz the founder of Sal Remedia

We stumbled across Sal Remedia while late night feeding.

You all know I’m a sucker for Local grown business and I’m even more attracted when It’s a Mum driving the business - Liz has so many beautiful products but I will step aside and let her Share them with you

Can you Share with us all what it is you sell and why you do it?

Sal Remedia is a range of self care products for mothers and women.

Our range consists of bath soaks + herbal baths! Body scrubs, butters and oils! All handmade by myself.

The line also includes a small baby care range because as a mum myself, I know just how strong that mummy-guilt can come on.

Sal Remedia exist to build on the foundations on which it started - to be a helping hand through someone else's journey.....And because I love it!

What is the history of Sal Remedia products how did it all come about?

Sal Remedia was born from my own pregnancy journey.

A friend recommended I try Epsom salts to reduce my swelling and cramping, as I was bordering on being monitored for preeclampsia it was getting out of control.

I've always had an interest in beauty and aromatherapy, so after experiencing first hand the changes it made to enjoyng my pregnancy, I began to experiment different scents and blends with essential oils and botanicals.

The combination of feeling relaxed and comfortable for an hour every night drastically improved my outlook on what was a pretty bleak situation.

I had lost two pregnancies prior to that one, so to not enjoy the experience was heart wrenching.

After I reached the third trimester I was told to take it easy so I started maternity leave, and filled up my spare time with planning Sal Remedia.

My goal at that stage was to make the knowledge I had gathered available to other women. Almost a year and a half later, Sal Remedia now has a refined line of products designed to help mothers and women specific to their needs (pregnancy, postpartum or just some time out) and a blog starting to follow my own motherhood journey.

Why the Natural approach towards creating your products?

When I was developing the range for pregnancy and little babes, I knew it was important that these products were not only made with care, but of the safest and best ingredients possible.

Children's skin is so sensitive, and pregnancy can be really unpredictable.

There are essential oils that are recommended not for use during pregnancy and each skin is so different.

The natural element is important so my clients know what they are using on their skin and their child.

I personally can't read the scientific names of the multiple synthetics and chemicals, so it wasn't even a second thought whether to use those when there are safer and better alternatives available- that we can all read too!

If a Mum walked up to ask you for your advice on being a working mum and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?


Coffee. And wine! That's what I say as a mum.

But as a working mum- I'm still trying to find that balance. I can only suggest to be prepared to be unprepared.

There are mums out there absolutely rocking motherhood- they are insanely organised and fulfilled, and my hat goes off to them.

But it's also hats off to the mum who feels she has lost her feet and is struggling to keep up.

I am blessed to have met some incredible mums who are also in business or work, who are always supportive. So finding a group of women who are likeminded is definitely a plus.

I couldn’t help by notice a very strong message to other woman that you are trying to deliver with your products; Can you explain what that message is?


Sal Remedia is for motherhood and women, and it can seem that the motherhood side is more heavily presented.

But we know how crazy life can be for women who aren't mothers, or their children have all left home, or women whose children are still at home but they don't require pregnancy or postpartum specific products.

Self Care is for everyone- men included! No matter what life stage we're in, we are always going to require some level of care and wellbeing, and sometimes we're the best ones to do it for ourselves.

At Sal Remedia we want to take the guilt out of caring for yourself with luxuries. It's a need, because you are needed.

What is happening next with Sal Remedia brand?

We have just announced our alignment with PANDA (Prenatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) where we donate $1 for each item purchased and record a monthly total for our tribe to see how much of a difference they are making to another woman's life.

What's next? We've just released our Christmas Collections so our focus can now be on growing and getting more organised for the next year. We are looking at increasing the locations as to where Sal Remedia is readily available to you, all across Australia and hopefully internationally- we are hearing you NZ + USA!


Sal Remedia will also be releasing a Christmas Collection on Tuesday the 01/11/16

So be  keep a eye out for this coming soon .....


Sal Remedia can be found at 

Instagram : @salremedia_

Facebook : @salremedia


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